First Consultation:

30-Minute Conversation to Discuss your Health and Wellness. Learn more about Emotional Resolution and BodyTalk.

Emotional Resolution® (EmRes)®:

$90.00* Session:


Emotional Resolution addresses and permanently clears emotional difficulties that are keeping you from living your full life.

*An Emotional Resolution session includes a short follow-up.



One-on-One Self-Emotional Resolution Training:

$180 (Includes two appointments, one hour each) See Below for more information.



Three Session Package

(BodyTalk and/or EmRes)



Bring a Friend: 

EmRes® or BodyTalk

Bring a Friend for Free. Call to schedule an appointment for a BodyTalk or Emotional Resolution session and bring a friend with you for Free. Both appointments will be scheduled back to back.


Cost: $90 for two people.

Give as a gift, or split the cost and each of you can come for 50% off.