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First Consultation:

30-Minute Conversation to Discuss your Health and Wellness. Learn more about Emotional Resolution and BodyTalk.

No Cost

The Leap

Emotional Resolution® (EmRes)®:

$125.00* Session:


Emotional Resolution addresses and permanently clears emotional difficulties that are keeping you from living your full life.

*An Emotional Resolution session includes a short follow-up.



Regular Session Discount Special:  


Three Session Package- Save $25

(EmRes and/or BodyTalk)


Six Session Package- Save $75



Email with link above, or call 816-694-5675 for more information and a free consultion.


EmRes® Peaceful Pregnanc


       EmRes® Peaceful Pregnancy Sessions

         EmRes® Peaceful Pregnancy- Preparing for Birth Sessions

EmRes Peaceful Pregnancy Sessions

EmRes Peaceful Pregnancy Sessions focus specifically on supporting your emotional and physical wellbeing as well as creating a stronger bond with your baby. Each session includes a 45 minute EmRes session as well as a 30 minute EmRes Bonding Experience (Exact times may vary depending on your needs.)  For your scheduling convenience, you have the option to schedule the EmRes session and the EmRes Bonding Experience at separate times.


Birth Preparation Sessions

These sessions focus specifically on preparing you and your baby for birth. Each session is 60 minutes long and includes a 30 minute EmRes session with the focus on resolving fears and distressing emotions around birth and a 30 minute birth preparation experience for you and baby. These sessions start around week 36 of pregnancy and will be scheduled weekly to provide the greatest opportunity for completion of these sessions prior to your baby’s birth.

Additional Offer with Package #1 Investment:

25% Discount on learning Self-EmRes

  •     This includes two sessions focused specifically on providing individualized coaching in order to  empower you to resolve your own distressing emotions as they arise as well as distressing emotions from past situations. This is highly recommended and would be beneficial to schedule at the start of your program. You may also choose one birthing support person to join you for the training for free. 

Payment Plans Available. 

Group Self-Emotional Resolution Training for Business/Group

Learn to Resolve difficult emotions with Group Training

Book a group training session for your business or group with me to learn to permanently regulate your own emotional difficulties: such as anxiety, stress, phobias, depression, irritability, fears, etc. In this class, you will learn how to resolve emotional difficulties in the moment they are active in your body. You will be able to use this daily, on your own time, to change your life.


Many business have learned that group trainings that teach thier employees how to relieve stress can be extrememly beneficial. During trainings, participants will learn how to do this natural process for themselves during stressful moments. 



Less Stress

More able to focus on work/daily activities

Communicate Easier

More productive 

Improvement in Health

Who can benefit:


Healthcare workers

First Responders

Church groups

School Employees



Anyone would like to set-up a training is welcome! 

      These training consist of two parts.

      Part 1 will teach you how to resolve your difficult emotions and blockages.

      Part 2 is a follow-up. Share your experiences, ask questions, and learn to work

               through any difficult ones you had. 


One-on-One Self-Emotional Resolution Training:

$200 (Includes Two Sessions- Part 1 and Part 2)

One-on-One Training in Self-Emotional Resolution.

This is a personalized training consisting of Two Parts. 


This is complete training where you will learn to resolve your emotional difficulties in the moment they are occurring.

Part 1 (about 90 minutes) will teach you how to resolve your difficult emotions and blockages.

Part 2 (about 60 minutes) is a follow-up. Share your experiences, ask questions, and learn to work through any difficult ones you had experiences while working on your own. We will take the time to make sure you feel comfortable with EmRes®, so that you can implement it into your everyday life.

Includes email access to me with any questions you may have during your training time in between sessions.

Training is available in person or by video chat (Zoom, Skype, FB).



Self-Emotional Resolution Workshop (2 Parts)

Personal Self-Emotional Resolution Training (One on One Private Training)

Joyful Life Vision Book Workshop

Learn about BodyTalk

(Free Informational Class)

Forest Trees

Emotional Resolution KC

    (Obsidian-Light Energy, LLC)

Holistic Health and Wellness Kansas City

Heather Rutkowski, CBP


Call or Email to schedule an appointment.

Please contact me with any questions you may have. 

Thanks for submitting! I will email/call you shortly. Please allow 24 hours for response.

Blue Hummingbird

About Heather:


Emotional Resolution

EmRes Peaceful Pregnancy


Food Allergies & Intolerance


Elimination diets

Chronic Illness


Heather Rutkowski, CBP, Certified Emotional Resolution Practitioner


I am a Certified Emotional Resolution Practitioner and Certified BodyTalk Practitioner (CBP) providing EmRes and BodyTalk sessions. I live in the Kansas City, Missouri area. I am certified through the Emotional Health Institute (EHI) and International BodyTalk Association (IBA). 

Sessions can be in person, on the phone, or via video (Skype/Zoom/FB). I can work with people all over the US or world.

Starting out as a Certified Pastry Chef, I had a background with food and nutrition. I have used Holistic Healthcare and nutrition for natural healing of myself and my family over the last 20 years. I worked with new breastfeeding mother's as a Leader with La Leche League for about 8 years. 


In 2012, I received my Certified Reiki Master-Teacher, and trained in BodyTalk in 2013. As my children grew older, I officially launched my business in 2017, providing BodyTalk and energy sessions, including other energy modalities such as Sontre'.


In 2018, I had my first Emotional Resolution session. I personally was dealing with anxiety. It was getting more severe every time I worked out. With one session of EmRes, my anxiety while working out disappeared. The results were so amazing and immediate, that I started the professional training classes. Since then, my healing from chronic illness symptoms has just continued to improve dramatically.


I have been working with clients since the fall of 2018. I received my EmRes certification September 2019.


Andrea List, CBP, Certified EmRes Practitioner, and I have worked on developing the EmRes Peaceful Pregnancy program to help ease the stress of pregnancy, creating a more calm state. We also help guide our clients through baby bonding. Our program also includes sessions towards the end of pregnancy to specifically prepare parent and child for birth. 

I feel grateful to be walking with my clients along their path to healing. I am here as a guide to help as you walk your path.

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