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First Consultation:

No Charge

30-Minute Conversation to Discuss your Health and Wellness. Learn more about Emotional Resolution® and


Healthy at any age

Emotional Resolution® (EmRes)®:

$90.00* Session:


Emotional Resolution® addresses and permanently clears emotional difficulties that are keeping you from living your full life.

*An Emotional Resolution® session includes a short follow-up.



Pregnant Woman

 EmRes® Peaceful Pregnancy

Package #1 

$1,750  (14 Total Sessions)

-10 EmRes® Peaceful Pregnancy Sessions focus specifically on supporting your emotional and physical wellbeing as well as creating a stronger bond with your baby.

-4 EmRes® Peaceful Pregnancy- Preparing for Birth Sessions

Package #2 

$1,995  (19 Total Sessions)

-15 EmRes® Peaceful Pregnancy Sessions

-4 EmRes® Peaceful Pregnancy- Preparing for Birth Sessions


Swimming Surfer


​    $90.00 Session


Want to address physical/emotional issues? BodyTalk can bring about lasting changes in your health.

With the use of BodyTalk physical and emotional issues are addressed to help promote well-being. BodyTalk, encourages your body in its natural ability to strengthen and heal. 

Rock in Sand


Self-Emotional Resolution Training:

$200 (Includes two appointments, 60-90 minutes each) 

Support Group

Group Training for  Business/Groups

Self-Emotional Resolution Training:

Many Businesses have discovered the value of group trainings for their management and employees that teach them to relieve stress.

This training will teach your group how to permanetly resolve disruptive emotions/stresses. 


Less Stress   

More ability to focus on work/activities

Better communication

More productive

Improvement of health

Outdoor Meditation

Weekly Group MindScape Studygroup 

$60 for 4 Weeks of Sessions

2-3:30pmCentral Tuesdays

Start your day off right! Join us for an online video meeting for about 60-90 minutes, where you will dive into a relaxing guided meditation. (Join with video on or off.)

Once the group is settled into a relaxing state, we will walk together into MindScape for a gently guided session where you can work on using your own tools to stay connected with MindScape. These will be recorded and emailed, that  if you can't attend live, you can still get the benefits at your own convenience

Required: Having attended a MindScape class.