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Our Services

First Consultation:

No Charge

30-Minute Conversation to Discuss your Health and Wellness. Learn more about Emotional Resolution® and BodyTalk. 

Learn about the different sessions and classes that are offered and see what fits best for you.

See below for link to book a time.

Swimming Surfer
Rock in Sand


Self-Emotional Resolution Training:

$200 (Includes two appointments,

60-90 minutes each) 


Service Description

One-on-One Self-Emotional Resolution Training By Appointment ​This is a personalized training consisting of Two Parts, that are 1 hour each. This is complete training where you will learn to resolve your emotional difficulties in the moment they are occuring. Training is available by video- Zoom.

Support Group

Group Training for  Business/Groups

Self-Emotional Resolution Training:

Many Businesses have discovered the value of group trainings for their management and employees that teach them to relieve stress.

This training will teach your group how to permanetly resolve disruptive emotions/stresses. 


Less Stress   

More ability to focus on work/activities

Better communication

More productive

Improvement of health

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