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Emotional Resolution KC
               Holistic Health and Wellness-Kansas City Area
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Emotional Resolution® (EmRes®)
Does your daily life represent your desired journey?
Emotional Resolution addresses and permanently clears emotional difficulties that are keeping you from living your full life. Do you suffer from claustrophobia or have anxiety while driving?  Do you feel anxiety on a regular basis or just don't feel like you are as happy as you want to feel?  Do you feel shy around others, or deal with anger? These emotional difficulties can be addressed and permanently resolved.

Everyday we deal with emotions and stresses. Do you find yourself using techniques to cope, which calm your emotions, but when the triggers reappear, your stress is back? Some of us use self-help, professional help, or self-medicate.

Our Natural Ability
You do not need to continue to feel triggered into uncomfortable stresses from situations in your life. All humans have the natural ability to calm these sensory imprints in our bodies. This natural ability called Emotional Resolution (EmRes) is described as viscero-somatic quieting, which connects you to the origin of the difficult emotion through your physical sensations.
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What is Emotional Resolution®
When we take the time to pay attention to the physical sensations in those sensory imprints, and allow them to go through this natural process, uninterrupted,  the body can fully integrate the emotion. A sense of calm is left. As the same stresses reappear again through your everyday life, your innate wisdom now understands that it does not need to react with an emotional response, such as anxiety or anger.
Heal from past traumas without revisiting them
Each session focuses on a specific emotional stress. Even intense emotions can be addressed without having to revisit the past traumas. They can be easily resolved. The stress and emotions you feel in your day to day life stem from these past traumas. You don't have to revisit the original trauma to see success. 
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What keeps you from finding relief from your stress?

Inhibitions: A feeling that makes one feel self-conscious and unable to act in a relaxed natural way. Do you find yourself wanting to tell others how you feel, but you stop yourself? Do you feel small, like a child in certain situations, feeling you won't be "good enough"?
Anger: Frustration, feeling annoyed, an intense emotional state or even hurt. Do you find you are angry with co-workers, your relationship, children, or just dealing with strangers in certain situations?  Do you feel anger towards yourself for your own behaviors?
Avoidance: A coping escape method to keep from dealing with a stressor. Do you withdraw from certain situations that bring you stress or struggle with being social with friends or colleagues? Do you avoid situations or certain places, school, or even certain conversations because of the memories they bring up? 
Control:  Restraining oneself in situations to remain calm and in control, or taking the lead and control over others. Do you feel you can't relax from the day's emotional stresses unless you have that glass of wine first. Do you find that you are emotionally stressed if you miss your daily workout, yoga, or meditation. Do you find you need to take lead on every project or have difficulty asking others for help?
Isn't Stress Normal?
These may feel like normal responses to events around you, but they do not need continue to affect your life and your health.
Using Emotional Resolution to resolve these stresses from your life will allow you to process through these emotions quickly. You will feel more calm, and find you are able to communicate more clearly and efficiently in stressful situations. 
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EmRes® for Physical Ailments, Anxiety, and other Chronic Conditions

Stress can manifest into physical problems, illnesses, and other conditions that can affect the ability of the body to be able to fully be in a calm state. Stuck emotions in the body can manifest in many forms such as:

Aches and Pains in the body

Digestive Issues


Trouble Sleeping

Sensitivities to Foods


And many more...

Emotional Resolution® can help to addresss these issues, so your body can release the fears, stress, and anxiety that are contributing to these conditions. EmRes® allows your body to update its obsolete emotional predictions.

Emotional Resolution® (EmRes)® Session

Sessions can be in person, over the phone, or by video (Skype, FB)

You will be seated in a comfortable chair in a quiet area without any distractions​. You will then be guided through a specific set of steps addressing the emotional difficulty that you would like to address. 

By paying attention to the physical sensations connected with that specific emotional difficulty, the emotion can be processed. 

During the session, you do not need to reveal personal details for the process to work correctly.


An Emotional Resolution includes a short follow-up.

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Professional Training for Emotional Resolution (EmRes®)


Module 1

    -Learn to do sessions with clients using Viscero-Somatic Quieting

    -Understand theories about emotional functioning from current neuroscientific understanding

    -Practice sessions between participants

    -Time dedicated for self-care

    -Leave this module with the knowledge to lead your client through Emotional Resolution®


Module 2

   -Prerequisite: 10 sessions after Module 1

    -Understanding the difficulties encountered by the practitioner

    -Learn how to coach your client for smoother sessions

    -This Module will give you the understanding and confidence to take your sessions to the next level


Module 3 

    -Prerequisite: 30 sessions after Module 2 

    -Go from Technician to Master Craftsman

    -Develop and Master of helping other people to resolve thier emotional difficulties

    - Case Studies based on the participants experiences

    -Learn how to identify hidden fears in yourself and how to help clients to approach these same

        fears in order to resolve them

    -Teach and practice new techniques to help support clients further

    -Greatly improve your understanding of Emotional Resolution® with this Module

Module 4


   -Prerequisite: 20 sessions after Module 3  

   -Personalized coaching session that will deepen the understanding of Emotional Resolution®

   -Answer any questions

   -Explore and stregthen any weaker areas in the practice of Emotional Resolution®


Group EmRes® Training for your Business or Group

Learn to Resolve difficult emotions with Group Training

Book a group training session for your business or group with me to learn to permanently regulate your own emotional difficulties: such as anxiety, stress, phobias, depression, irritability, fears, etc. In this class, you will learn how to resolve emotional difficulties in the moment they are active in your body. You will be able to use this daily, on your own time, to change your life.


Many business have learned that group trainings that teach thier employees how to relieve stress can be extrememly beneficial. During trainings, participants will learn how to do this natural process for themselves during stressful moments. 



Less Stress

More able to focus on work/daily activities

Communicate Easier

More productive 

Improvement in Health

Who can benefit:


Healthcare workers

First Responders

Church groups

School Employees



Anyone would like to set-up a training is welcome! 

      These training consist of two parts.

      Part 1 will teach you how to resolve your difficult emotions and blockages.

      Part 2 is a follow-up. Share your experiences, ask questions, and learn to work

               through any difficult ones you had. 




Personal One-on-One Training

$200 (Includes Two Sessions- Part 1 and Part 2)

One-on-One Training in Self-Emotional Resolution.

This is a personalized training consisting of Two Parts. 


This is complete training where you will learn to resolve your emotional difficulties in the moment they are occurring.

Part 1 (about 90 minutes) will teach you how to resolve your difficult emotions and blockages.

Part 2 (about 60 minutes) is a follow-up. Share your experiences, ask questions, and learn to work through any difficult ones you had experiences while working on your own. We will take the time to make sure you feel comfortable with EmRes®, so that you can implement it into your everyday life.

Includes email access to me with any questions you may have during your training time in between sessions.

Training is available in person or by video chat (Zoom, Skype, FB).


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Self-Emotional Resolution

Group Training-Business/Groups


Contact for information on Scheduling for your employees or business group

Create a healthier environment in your business.

There are many techniques to ease the stress from difficult emotional triggers, such as meditation, deep breathing, and exercise.

These help to ease our stress, but when the trigger happens again, the emotion surfaces again.

 What if you could permanently resolve those emotional triggers and relieve your body from having the same stressful reaction?


Learn how to use your sensations during difficult emotional experiences to permanently resolve those specific emotional difficulties such as anger, anxiety, stress, phobia, etc.  

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 Self-Emotional Resolution Training

By Appointment

One-on-One Training in Self-Emotional Resolution.

This is a personalized training consisting of Two Parts, that are 1 hour each. This is complete training where you will learn to resolve your emotional difficulties in the moment they are occuring.

Training is available in person or by video chat (Skype, FB).


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